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What You Should Be Doing Instead of Sit-Ups to Build Core Strength and End Back Pain

Everybody needs to be doing these exercises!

Whether you sit at a desk all day, you are weekend warrior or a well trained athlete.

We all need good core strength to perform at our best and prevent injury.

They are referred to as the McGill Big Three because they were put together by researcher and author Stu McGill now retired from the University of Waterloo.

They have been shown to effectively build core strength WHILE not putting a lot of strain on the back that can cause injury (Like Sit-Ups!)

There are more advanced exercises you can do but the “Big 3″ are foundational.

A few important tips when performing the “Big 3″

  • ideally, do them every day
  • start slow, perform the easiest versions first, progress with the length of holds and number of repetitions as you get stronger
  • only do the versions or modifications that you are able to do pain free
  • there are additional modifications that can be performed if you are unable to do the exercises
  • please contact me if you need additional support!

Click on the videos below to learn more about these foundational exercises.

Quick Introduction

Modified Curl-Up

Side Plank

Bird Dog

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