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Three Things That I've Learned About Whoop and Should You Get One?

Many of you have asked about the black band that I have been wearing on my wrist for the last couple of months.

It’s called a Whoop Strap.

It’s a health tracker, kind of like a Fitbit, and it’s becoming popular among world class athletes.

Whoop specializes in tracking your sleep (which is the latest/greatest health trend) and recovery so that you can perform at your best.

It has had a big impact on my health and quality of life!

In the short video below I go over my impressions so far.

I highlight:

  • what it’s good at
  • a couple of negatives
  • and one major downside if you are considering getting a Whoop

P.S. I’m going to do a deep dive into Whoop in the near future. Follow me on Facebook and watch for it there!

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