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The Six Best Stretches to Prevent Low Back Pain and Two Common Mistakes

These stretches are part of my daily routine.

They are not only helpful for when you have back pain but for preventing back pain as well.

In this video I go over:

  • 6 daily stretches that are safe for the back
  • 2 common mistakes that I often see people make that could make things worse!

Your spine needs mobility but also stability. Check out my post on building core strength to help protect your back.

P.S. You can use the following time stamps to find individual exercises that I have recommended.

Cat-Camel 0:40-1:112

Hamstring 1:22-2:00

Figure Four 2:07-2:32

Knee Chest 2:37-2:47

Groin 2:50-3:00

Quadriceps 3:14-34:10

Hip Flexor 4:15


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