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Dr. Peter Drysdale Reviews

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At Dr. Peter Drysdale’s office we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Feeling Better Already

I am already feeling better after only my first visit! Dr Drysdale was very informative and reassuring. I look forward to regaining my strength and physical health with his help.

– Gary R.

Relief for Lower Back Pain

I have been suffering progressively worse with lower back pain for a total of 7 years, before Dr. Peter was finally recommended to me by friends. Three years ago, the pain had become so bad that I could no longer be comfortable in any position, whether it was lying down or standing up. I was only comfortable whilst I was moving, but I believe that was more due to the distraction. As a result of the acute pain, I had low energy, I was grumpy, and felt confined in my body.

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Like many, I had reservations about chiropractic. I felt like I had no other option given my symptoms so I visited a local chiropractor. My assumptions about the nature of chiropractic were proven mainly correct. The treatment I received was a mixture of manipulation and mechanically assisted movements. There was no explanation of the treatment or the reason for it. I didn’t walk out of the office feeling better that day nor days later, I was disappointed and tried to manage my pain for another year on my own.

Finally, I couldn’t bare the lack of sleep and constant irritation my lower back pain caused. I finally followed up on my friend’s recommendations and made an appointment to see Dr. Peter. Right away, Dr. Peter was patient and clear as he explained what chiropractic treatment was about, how his particular technique (torque release technique) worked and the importance of the spine and nervous system. Then, he did a couple digital neurological scans followed by x-rays. Dr. Peter conducted a number of strength and balance tests. After my examination, I received my first adjustment. I immediately felt my hips working better as I walked out of the office. For the first time in as long as I could remember, walking was effortless and I had finally felt at ease.

My next appointment, Dr. Peter went through my examination findings with me, carefully explaining what he saw and the symptoms he felt were most likely to show up based on my examination. His assessment of my symptoms were bang on! Dr. Peter proceeded to explain my plan of management; a long one requiring diligence, patience, and very regular adjustments. I value my lifestyle, so I proceeded with my plan of management.

Two years later, I sleep as well as I can remember sleeping, I don’t suffer from pain, and I am far more aware of how my body functions. I have experienced an increase in my physical performance; even as I approach my forty’s. The team at Dr. Peter Drysdale are at the root of this accomplishment. Dr. Peter and his staff are always welcoming, even ready to see me at a drop of a hat. The Torque Release Technique Dr. Peter uses is so gentle and safe. I knew from the moment I stood up from the table I was in the right place.

– John S.

Back and Knee Issues

I started to see Dr. Peter about chronic back and knee issues. His treatments have resolved these issues and greatly contributed to my overall health. My spine is much more stronger, which helps with my mountain biking and skiing. I am able to handle stress much better as well. With Dr. Peter’s treatments, I have come to realize that it is possible to live without daily aches or kinks. Thank you!

– Michele R.

Low Back Pain

I have been going to Dr. Peter for several years. Originally my lower back pain prevented me from most physical activities. While the pain relief was gradual, I could always see progress. The ability to go for long walks and be flexible enough to continue work on my boat has given me a much better quality of life.

I continue to visit weekly and attempt to keep as active as I can in my mid-seventies. I believe this treatment is a major part of my ability to stay active.

– Bill M.

Adjustments are Amazing

I love to go for my treatments with Dr. Peter. When I lie down on the table before the adjustment, and he assess me, I don’t usually realize that I am out of alignment. And then he starts the adjustments, which do not hurt at all, and then he assess me after, and I feel the difference right away. I believe everyone should try this new age adjustments, don’t curl up your nose in disbelief, it is amazing. I sleep better, breathe easier and feel better as a whole.

– Jeanette L.

Professional and Welcoming Office

I’m glad I’m going to see Dr. Drysdale. He is very professional, and its easy to relax when I go in. The reception is friendly and welcoming and it makes for a great atmosphere. Since I’ve been going I’ve had greater range of motion, an easier time sleeping, and feeling much better in day to day life.

Thank you Dr. Drysdale!

– Janelle H.

Gentle and Effective

Dr. Drysdale’s chiropractic treatments are gentle and very effective in maintaining overall health and chronic pain management in a drug-free way. I have experienced many healthful benefits including improved digestion, balance, posture and overall mobility. I highly recommend Dr. Drysdale!

– Adelia S.

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