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5 Tips to Maximize Your Sleep

Sleep has become the topic du jour in the wellness space, for good reason.

There isn’t any aspect of your health that doesn’t benefit from getting adequate sleep.

Conversely, research has proven that lack of proper sleep negatively affects every aspect of your health and performance.

Over the past two years I have been paying a lot closer attention to my sleep.

One of the things that stimulated my keen interest (besides the fact that I am somewhat obsessed with health and performance:) is hearing a story about Roger Federer.

Roger is getting a little long in the tooth, as tennis players go, but, is still one of the best in the world.

His level was starting to wane a little bit until he implemented a new strategy.

Sleeping 12 hours!

Now, most of us don’t need to perform at the level of Roger Federer, or have the luxury of 12 hours to dedicate to sleep.

But most of us could benefit from getting more sleep.

It’s not just the time in bed that counts, though.

It’s the quality as well.

In this week’s video I go over 5 Tips to Maximize Your Sleep.

Check it out here:

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